Hey, Mommy!

Go Mommy Fitness was born to encourage mommy’s to get up and go with our stroller fitness community. With the motivation from your instructor, other moms and the friendships you’ll make you’ll want to get up, bring baby, and GO with us!

What is Go Mommy FitnessBook a class

Hello and Welcome

At Go Mommy Fitness we welcome you. You will always be greeted and get the chance to meet moms like yourself. We understand it is hard to get out the doors most days with children so don’t worry about showing up perfect. We don’t expect that. But if you are a perfect mom, we want all your secrets! 🙂 We understand that sometimes makeup hides our dark circles but some days it doesn’t happen. We just want to see you. We want you to have a chance to get out and do something for you. We want to encourage you and motivate you on your health and fitness journey. They say it take a village. Our Go Mommy Fitness community is here to brighten your day and even push you when you need it. We are in this…together.

They say it takes a village.

What is Go Mommy Fitness?

Being a mom is blessing but sometimes the days are long and tiresome. Rarely do moms take enough time for themselves. We tend to skip out on our needs to fulfill the needs of our children. But when we are filled by friendships, fun, and fitness it can make mom life a lot more manageable and even enjoyable….and that is why Go Mommy Fitness was born!

What you can expect

Your Instructors

Each Go Mommy instructor holds a nationally recognized group fitness certification and an AHA CPR/AED certification. And although not required but we think equally important, they are mommy’s too! They come full of experience as fitness leaders but also full-time mothers!

Your Workouts

Each Go Mommy workout is designed with you in mind. Stroller fitness workouts consist of cardio training, resistance training, core work, and flexibility training. Each stroller workout is designed for all moms whether you are new to fitness, just starting back, or been exercising for awhile.

Your Community

Community is key. Go Mommy Fitness isn’t just about your workouts. We are happy to walk alongside you in your fitness journey but we are also a place for all mothers to learn, grow, laugh and enjoy the journey of motherhood together.

Monthly Craft Day

Each month our kids look forward to CRAFT day! Every third Tuesday of each month we set aside a craft time with the kids after our workout. We provide the supplies for this but welcome donations to cover the costs. And if you are a mom who would like to volunteer to lead a craft day, we’d love that too! It is fun time for all of us!


First class: FREE
1 class: $8
5 classes: $35
10 classes: $65
25 classes: $150


Try your first class FREE! Registration will open on January 2, 2020. Registration is required to attend because the limited space available for our classes. Thank you for your cooperation.

You should also know…

Our class size is limited to 15 moms so it highly recommended you sign up for class prior to attending. This reserves your spot and helps us prepare for your arrival and workout.

We want you to get the very best workout but your child(ren) are your #1 priority when you attend Go Mommy classes. While our classes are designed to give you a good sweat they are also designed to keep your baby or toddler as happy as possible in their stroller. But it is a given some days our children have rough days so we recommend being prepared for those days by bringing them snacks and/or toys to keep them happy and occupied.

Get in touch now

We’d love for you to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We’ll get back to you after we do the dishes and the laundry…soon really!

What are you waiting for?!

Book your first class for free! Get in a great workout and join a community to help support your fitness journey today!